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Where To Invest Your Money This 2016

investment optionsMutual funds are probably that best place to invest your money this coming 2016. I would highly recommend this, especially for more advance investors. If you’re a beginner, you can still place your money in this, but just make sure you are at least equipped with some knowledge behind it. There would be a lot of places where you could invest your money and it does get overwhelming at times. This is why I’m here to give you tips on where to place that investment this New Year.


The first thing to do is gather all your options. Start narrowing down the ones that you think would work on your favor and the ones that won’t do so much. Let’s start the process of elimination with Mutual Funds. You must set aside the ones according to the price or amount of money that would require you to shell out in the investment. Check the ones with loads or sales charges and quickly scrap those kinds of Mutual Funds in your option. Pick the ones that say No-Load involved. Remove those that would charge you annually for expenses that cost more than 1%.


How will you know about these things? First, take a look at the description of the fund because all the information about it is there from its value to its expenses. You must be wary of the loads because they could usually take a lot of your money. Let’s say that your investment is worth $10,000, having to pay for loads annually will add another $200 for that. In 5 years, it could already accumulate to $1000. That shows how much money you can already lose just by having that kind of charge. You don’t have to pay for anything on that if you would just get the ones that don’t ask for it.


Another place to put your money on this coming year is on index funds. You don’t need much money to invest in it where to investthat it would only ask you for 1% a year and that’s it.


Options like stocks, bonds and money market should be on your list as well. Stocks for one is good since the interest rates this New Year is said to be skyrocketing. Go for really big company stocks this time because small and not so established companies are riskier, not too mention you would only really get little money from those and it is not even worth it.


Make sure that the funds that you are eyeing on have high quality and dividends written all over them. You could once again see that information on their description and from there, you could formulate a decision. A dividend yield worth more than 2% is something that you should look for because that would really do well with your investment. I say don’t even consider the ones with dividends 1% and below. These are just some of the options that I have for you, as to where you could place your investment for this coming year.